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Wool and fibre products


A timeless keepsake created for you using fibre from the animals you love and cherish.

TurnAcre works with you to plan, design and create your commission art, be it wearable or decorative. 

Bespoke work can include personalisation and/or items from around your farm, animals or home.

Our services include taking the raw wool/fibre from people and hand processing it into a variety of yarns and products. Have a look in our gallery and explore the wide variety of creative options available which will hopefully spark your imagination.


Some customers like handspun yarn and then create finished articles themselves while others prefer I take care of the whole process from raw wool to finished article. Prices from £4.50


We always sample the wool soon after it arrives with us and let you know the findings. Unless you know how you want the wool spinning - as in different thicknesses and textures - we can create some samples and send them to you to see and feel with costings.


The costs for spinning depends upon the preparation needed such as combing and carding etc and the weight of yarn such as DK, aran, chunky etc. For example 100g of 2 ply super chunky textured yarn costs £25. You can have part or full fleeces spun.    


Below is an extract from our customer contract for your information also.


We hope this answers your questions and gives you a little insight into fleece processing and hand spinning wool. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss it further or want to book TurnAcre to create treasured keepsakes for you using fibre from your precious amimals. Some samples of our work are below see more in our gallery.



​​Extract from  TurnAcre contract


 Customer is responsible for

  • Ensuring fleece is in good condition with little to no vegetable matter (hay, seeds, grass etc) and the majority of soiled/rough fleece removed.

  • Sign and return completed copy of contract.

  • Delivery costs of fleece to Turnacre.

  • Pay 50% deposit of full cost with delivery of fleece.

  • Delivery costs of returned product to be paid with balance before products are returned.

  • Contact TurnAcre immediately if there are any problems with final payment

  • If final payment is not made within 4 weeks of customer being contacted. TurnAcre will keep the made items to do with as they wish in lieu of payment.

TurnAcre  will

  • Produce a written contract agreement

  • Sample the fleece within 2 weeks of arrival to ensure it will be suitable and will meet customer requirements and feedback to customer.

  • If the fleece is deemed unsuitable TurnAcre will return fleece to customer at customer expense or dispose of at customer request. The deposit will be returned minus a £25 admin fee.

  • Spin and send sample yarns to customer if required

  • Ensure only the clients fleece is used in their order unless agreed otherwise

  • Ensure the finished product is returned by the agreed end date

  • Maintain contact with client whilst the order is progressing.

  • Contact client immediately if any issues arise with the contract

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